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Digital Marketing for Your Business

Digital Marketing has the advantage over traditional media marketing. It enables highly targeted, cost effective marketing.

Digital Marketing allows you to measure the success of any changes on a daily basis

Google tries to deliver the best search result for every user.

Digital Marketing:
Is convincing Google and other search engines that your website is the best search result!

What is Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the effort to improve the ranking of the website in Search Results.

SEO is the sum of all efforts, keyword research, page creation, and page optimization. 

Digital Results Pros is a digital marketing agency that has a team focused on Organic Search Results.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the data collection and analysis of the search terms that will drive traffic to your website.

We analyze the search terms that you currently rank for, as well as discovering search terms that competitors are having success with.

Employ a competent digital marketing agency that will do the research to find keywords that you can rank for.

Content Creation

Creation is the end product after hours of keyword research.

The efforts of talented writers and editors at an digital marketing agency like Digital Results Pros creates content that will drive traffic to your site.

Generic content created with AI such as ChatGPT will create content, but it unlikely that Google or other search engines will consider it worth indexing


Websites and pages that link to you are a sign to search engines that your content is valuable.

Press releases and creating content that other sites consider valuable are key steps in building your credibility online.

We have proprietary databases of industry writers and influencers that can be targeted to maximize exposure.

Social Media

Social Media is a cost-effective way to increase your visibility.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, billions of users on social media platforms can be reached with a single piece of content.

A digital marketing agency will help you interpret and understand the stream of useful information that can be gathered from these user interactions.


Conversion is the ultimate goal.

Visitors to your website need to find the result they were expecting. If you are unable to generate a sale or a lead from this visit, this may indicate a problem.

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Digital Results Pros guarantees results.

Digital Results Pros will focus on keywords you have the authority to rank for, and create engaging content to entice and capture your audience.

How We Do Digital Marketing


When you engage Digital Results Pros we begin by researching your company, your website, your industry, and your competition.

Keyword Research

We determine which keyword terms are relevant and even more important, which keywords you can rank for.

Tracking and Reporting

We track and report the rankings for the search terms we are focused on. We review progress.

Content Creation

Our team of writers and editors create engaging, timely content that is competitive with currently ranking pages and blogs.


We evaluate backlink opportunities by analyzing competitor websites, and industry references.

Tracking and Reporting

We track and report the backlinks we have gained over the preceding period. We review progress.

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Why Digital Results Pros?

Digital Results Pros delivers results

We are results oriented. Many competitors are unwilling to be judged by the results they achieve. We are proud that our results can be measured

We guarantee our results because we focus on achievable goals

Digital Results Pros will focus on achievable, measurable progress. Progress will be reported to you regularly.

We offer a money back guarantee

Why pay for promises?

We deliver results, why pay for anything else?

What We Do


Digital Results Pros will design or convert your existing website into a modern well-thought-out web design with high conversion rates.


Digital Results Pros will research and create engaging content that ranks on search engines.


Digital Results Pros will continually research and improve existing pages to improve conversion rates.


Backlinks are other websites that link to yours. Digital Results Pros will constantly work to improve the website’s backlink profile.



Digital Results Pros will continually research, optimize, and improve.


 Improvements may be gradual but they will be cumulative.

Digital Results Pros delivers Results

We are results oriented. Many competitors are unwilling to be judged by the results they achieve. We are proud that our results can be measured

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do exactly?

Digital Results Pros researches your company and your industry.
We look at the traffic your website is generating, where it comes from, and what search terms led them to you.
We then build and improve your website to capitalize on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. We also evaluate your industry to determine the most cost effective way of reaching your target audience.

Can you describe the process?

Digital Results Pros is your one stop shop for web design and online marketing.

Having your website made by Digital Results Pros ensures that you will have a modern well-thought-out web design with high conversion. With no issues.

There is a lot to consider when creating a website. Branding and styling is just the beginning. You can worry about it, or you can let us take care of it.
Your personal account manager will advise and guide you throughout as we improve your online presence together.

The modern, responsive website is just the first step.
The next step, which will be ongoing, is to attract visitors to your site.
Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Social Marketing, Content Creation and Maintenance will be ongoing.

Digital Results Pros can be your marketing and advertising department, and can provide regular updates on our progress.

We GUARANTEE results!

How can you guarantee results?

Digital Results Pros is results focused. Digital marketing includes all aspects of connecting with customers online.

We will determine the most cost effective improvements that can be made immediately.

We then research and evaluate precise keyword search terms that will enable us to create content that will drive traffic to your website. We can narrow our focus to content that you can rank for. This will include blog posts and landing pages.

We collect data DAILY, and we constantly evaluate and investigate the insights we gain.

Other companies have failed to deliver results, why will you be different?

Digital Results Pros is so confident we can deliver results, that we GUARANTEE it!

Other companies will create content and focus on highly desirable google search terms without regard for your site’s authority or ability to rank for those terms.

Other companies buy backlinks from low quality networks, which will negatively impact your website.

Other companies make promises, but do not guarantee any success.

Digital Results Pros will only focus on search term keywords that you can be competitive for.

Digital Results Pros will only generate backlinks from high quality domains.

Digital Results Pros will GUARANTEE success.

How long a contract will I have to sign?

Digital Results Pros does not ask you to commit to us long term, our clients are all month to month. If you are happy with our results you would not want to leave. If you are unhappy with us, why would we insist you stay?

What is the digital marketing process?

Digital Results Pros will research your industry and determine how competitive your website is currently. We will report on the most cost effective choices for your business.

A Google My Business listing needs to be created, and edited.

If we do Search Engine Optimization we will focus on keyword search terms that you can be competitive for. As your site gains traffic and authority you will be able to rank for harder and harder keywords.

Social Media Marketing is a way of reaching and building an online brand and identity.

Many other avenues are open in the digital world to reach and persuade potential customers.

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Digital Marketing can change your business
Let us help!

Website Optimization never stops!

Competitors to Research
Keywords to Research.
Backlinks to contact and persuade.
Content to Create
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The Digital Results Pros Difference

We Listen

We listen to your story and ask the right questions to determine the objectives for your website.

We Research

We research your website, your industry, and your competitors.

We Repair

We analyze your website and make any needed repairs and optimizations.

We Strategize

We use our experience and expertise to create a plan for your website that meets your goals.

We Implement

We combine our data analysis and our experience in content creation to implement changes that should result in increased website traffic.

We Optimize

We improve. We analyze and improve some more.